¿Why iK Banca de Inversión?

  • We have deep knowledge of investment banking transactions. It allows us to design business structures with creativity and innovation.
  • We have ample experience, national and international, in this type of transactions, experience gained through the professional trajectory of the partners, not only at iK, but also at big investment banks and important multinationals.
  • We ensure the direct involvement of the partners in every project. 
  • We have total independence regarding the business which allows us to execute with objectivity and sound business sense.
  • We have access to the investor community and the Colombian and regional financial system.

¿Who are our clients?

Our clients are investors, companies or its owners. iK has worked with some of the biggest companies of the country as well as with middle and small companies form different sectors of the economy. Corporate finance practice is the same for every sector of the economy or business size, any company of the real or services sector can be our client. We have experience in the following sectors:

  • Minerals and Petrol
  • Consumer goods
  • Restaurants
  • Health
  • Distribution and commerce
  • Chemicals
  • General industry
  • Concessions
  • Heavy equipment and light tools
  • Urban and freight transportation
  • Energy
  • Pharmaceuticals